This website about the artist Elliot Melville Offner, dedicated in loving memory to his wife Rosemary O’Connell Offner, is the product of the generosity and hard work of many contributors.

With this page, the web designers offer special thanks to Offner family members Daniel O’Connell Offner, Helen Offner Ong, Emily Offner Hollidge, and Arnold and Ellen Offner; Elizabeth Helm of the National Sculpture Society; Martin Antonetti and Nanci Young of Smith College; Carey Vose, Elizabeth Frey Vose and Stephanie Madden of Vose Galleries; Robin Salmon of Brookgreen Gardens; Nancy Lione, Eleanor O’Neill and Ann Mandel; Niccolo Brooker of Forum Gallery; Louise Berry and John Blyberg of the Darien Public Library; Kathryn Harada; Nerissa Coyle McGinn; designer William Scalia; Alisa Esala, and Arik Betesh.

Special thanks to Stan Sherer, whose gorgeous photographs are included on this website with his permission. Mr. Sherer's photos are on the home page: (left to right) "Great Blue Heron" (Smith College), "Holocaust Memorial" and "Daedalus"; on "Selected Sculptures" page, "Angel Aaxilla" (Yale Thesis Project), "Acacia Tree", "Tribute to Wolffgang Fugger", "Bittern", "Walleye Pike", "Double Whale", "Hatchet Fish", "Plunging Fish", "Rising Crane", "Hedgehog", "Bittern Mother and Child", "Daedalus", and on the "Selected Watercolors" page, the photo of "Spoonbill."

The Estate of Rosemary O’Connell Offner wishes to express its special thanks and appreciation to Christopher Smith for his wonderful and hard work in creating www.elliotoffner.com for the O’Connell Offner family.